Fuck Yeah Wooden Body Keytar!

Korg RK-100S

Is this a synth ad or a HPV awareness brochure?

I was thinking something along the same lines.

“It features two ribbon controllers: a short ribbon on the neck that can be manipulated with the left hand, and a long ribbon located in front of the keyboard.”

“The RK-100S provides a monaural mini-input jack that can also work with mic input. You can use a headset mic to enjoy vocoder performance.”

Looks like there’s a pretty decent synth engine inside as well, no information whether or not you can create your own sounds though. EDIT: Looks like you can actually edit the sounds with an included PC/Mac editor.

Makes sense, 99 percent of the girls in rollerskates who owned a microkorg played the presets only anways.



ok the big ribbon is pretty cool.

I think I’m old enough for this now…… read: i don’t care anymore if i look ridiculous. Whats the estimated price? :wink:

$699 streetprice :slight_smile:

That’s… expensive…


Red or Black?

Reading into it, it looks like a MicroKorg XL in wooden keytar with bells and whistles. I’m up for one…

FWIW, most MicroKorg users in general wouldn’t be planning to do much live tweaking. I used to use a MicroKorg live a lot and was perfectly happy just using one or two live controls, and the modern MicroKorg XL engine (if that’s what it is based on) sounds nice in my experience.

@joshuagoran Tell that to Howard Scarr , he uses two XLs live , and tweaks. ;-).

I didn’t say EVERYONE :wink:

This synth is not for fucking tweaking, this synth is for fucking playing.

It has MIDI out, so i don’t care for any internal VA thingie - ill connect it to some real Synths - straight to a Shruthi for screaming Leads and earthshaking Baselines and a VS for the lush ethereal ballads….

I’d rather watch James Blake get down on his Prophet 08 and not touch knobs the whole time than watch someone tweak out a sequenced loop…

get an Alesis Vortex wireless for $199. Its not wooden bodied and it doesn’t have a built in VA but its wireless and its $199 and it has an accelerometer in it.


They’re like $30 on Amazon. I think the Xbox ones are supposed to work best for real MIDI use