FS WW : MI module tester, Ambika, Midialf, DIY,


I am selling my last bit of equipment, please buy it ! i need space !

MI Ambika : green adrian case, perfect working order : 500€
MI Module tester (build by me, yellow transparent acrylic case + PSU) : 150€

midiAlf with cv expander : 110€

Sinsy Stomper : 35€ (Perfectly working)
Neutron Orgone accumulator : 120€ (low price cause it don’t save state on power off)

Expert sleepers Lot : 340€ ![
ES-3 Mk4ri
ES-5 Mk3

Olimex AVR MKII : 12€
Mi Blinds original panel : 5€

PSU transformer for Ambika (US plug) x2 : 5€

Shipping from France at your expense !

Is the midialf still available?

Hello, yes it is ! i forgot the add it but it don’t have case

No worries about the case. Can you give me a shipping estimate for the UK?

Sure, 12,5€, you can paypal f&F at francois.zagar@hotmail.fr

That’s great. I assume that everything is working as it should. What version of firmware is it running?

Yup, i was supposed to do an eurorack module with it (i finnaly quit eurorack).

First it was build with midi in/out and tested working perfectly, then i bought the expander and removed the midi in/out.

So there is actually no midi ports, and no cv jacks as well, but i can provide them as spare parts if you want.

The screen is white, as well as the leds.

It is ok for you ?

Which filter boards does the Ambika have installed?

And could you advise shipping cost to Australia please?