FS (US): IR3109 filter board


First, I apologize if this isn’t an appropriate place to post this! I’m scaling back my ambitions of a modded poly shruthi from 6 voices to 4 so I can focus on finishing my 5U modular first. I’ve got a pair of fully working IR3109 boards here with chips bought from Doug T (synthparts.com), 155$ each shipped in the US or 150$ each + shipping worldwide. I added up over 100$ worth of parts on each board so that seems like a fair price… but if I’m wrong go ahead and make an offer :slight_smile:

I’ve also got a pair of Cem3379 boards, fully stuffed except the CEM. So far I’ve gotten bad CEM’s 3 times now and I’m feeling a bit jinxed with that board. 55$ each.


that’s bad to hear about the bad CEM3379’s. i bought one from ebay that worked fine, that seller used to have more, but not continuously, gave full guarantee. could be it was from the US, not sure anymore. should be somewhere here deep in the forum. it’s still one of my most favorite filter boards for the shruthi, definitely worth keeping if you can find a reliable source.


DOEPFER has NOS CEM3379. And I have as much CEM3399 as you might need.


Thanks for the tips guys, I’m def. not committed to selling the 3379 boards… just feeling overwhelmed with projects and those boards were giving more frustration than joy :wink: