FS: Ultra rare dual filter Shruthi "Programmer" synth

Up for sale is one of the original Shruthi “Programmer” synths, enabled by Frank’s (@fcd72) work originally, and ultimately leading to the Shruthi XT. The Shruthi-1 Programmer. He can tell us how many were actually produced, but my guess is 50-100 boards sold - not sure how many were successfully used to put together a final product.

This version is especially rare / interesting as it holds two filters, each with its own output. Further, each of these filter boards is also rare in and of itself: one is based on the IR3109 chip, and the other on the CEM 3379. These boards were only provided by Mutable very early in its history, and in very limited runs. And for one last rarity point - it includes Frank’s key-based on/off switch, complete with a Mutable keychain.

The synth has never left my home studio, and was built by me. You can see photos in my post in this thread, including the synth’s internals. Photos. It works perfectly and has no issues - I’m selling simply because I find that I don’t use it that much anymore, as I simply have too many other monosynths, and it pains me to see it idle - better to be used and enjoyed to its fullest by someone else!

I’d like to start with US-only sales and go from there, but if someone is dying for it in other parts of the world I’m willing to entertain offers. Asking $500 + $20 shipping for US, PayPal only.