FS Shruthi-1 Ladder Filter Metal Case

For Sale.
An (old) Shruthi-1 with the Tube-Ohm Ladder filter Board. €200
The build is old but i just build it into a new metal case. The case is brand new.
It’s got a mod. On the back is a switch that chooses between 3 different resonance flavours.
It has got the improved YAM Shruthi Firmware on it.
(optionally i will trade for eurorack module)

I also have a populated original FCD72 programmer PCB for turning your existing shruthi in a big XT version.
Located in The Netherlands/EU



is this Shruthi-1 Ladder version / Programmer still available? I am from Germany.
You can PM me. (I am interessted, but I have some questions about).


The shruthi is gone.
I still have the fcd programmer pcb.
But I would recommend a MI version Shruthi XT.
Unless you specifically want the original fcd version XT.


Ok. That’s sad. I was interested in your Shruthi ladder version. So without Shruthi, the programmer does not makes sense.


fwiw I think you can still get a ladder filter made from tubeohm, and a case from adrian.

Ok thx for info. If you would compare all these filter boards, which boards sounds at least most fat & analogue compared to old synthesizers. The ladder filter is good candidate or? or a 4PM?

Does the Phoenix boards of tubeohm includes all knobs and caps ? (it’s not exclusive mentioned there)…

BTW. Adrian is living outside EU, or is there any European seller, who sells his cases?

Greetings, rio

Isn‘t he from Estonia? That‘s EU.
His cases are really recommendable!

Ok thanks

that could mean anything. I personally love the ladder fitler. It definitely sounds moog-ish and gives some nice saturated lead and bass sounds. Listen to the audio demos. They tell a lot already.
Be aware that the ladder filter is pretty overdriven. That’s what makes it sound fat in the first place, but it’s not good for paraphonic playing or for “pseudo-chords”.

that are my thoughts too. Thanks for your advice. I have a waldorf 4-Pole as ladder and curtis version. The Ladder version offers a punchy and crispy sound. The Shruthi Ladder demo on youtube sounds as well.

Be aware that the ladder filter is pretty overdriven. That’s what makes it sound fat in the first place, but it’s not good for paraphonic playing or for “pseudo-chords”.

you mean you can not granulate that sound so finely? I still can not completely decide between SMR4mkII, Ladder and 4PM. I’m not sure yet which one fits the best … (by the principle I already cover the filters with the CEMs and Ladder of the Waldorf - mostly used for drums. I really like that Ladder filter - the SMR4mkII is also amazing. I also have some of the 3378 CEMs, which I will probably use it for a custom PCB. (10 years ago, I was able to buy them as new ;))


Not sure what you mean with this. What I meant is: When you use a single waveform and distort it, it’s basically a sort of waveshaping that makes it sound “fat” and “overdriven”. When you use multiple independent pitches for paraphonic playing or chords, the drive of the filter creates intermodulations between them. Much like on guitar distortion, really. That means that chords generally work better with less driven filters, but your milage may vary. It all depends on what you want to do.

yea I like my ladder filter the best, but im not trying to do parachords!

Can anyone point me to an example which demonstrates paraphonic playing? for a better understanding…


For what it’s worth, I also have a shruthi-1 for sale. A clean midnight ediition (dual-svf). Two state-variable filters that can be run in series or parallel. Check out the for sale section on this forum for details.

There is an audio demo in here: https://soundcloud.com/mutable-instruments/sets/mutable-instruments-shruthi-1

It basically just round robins the two oscs into simple 2 note chords