FS: Shruthi-1 Kit & Sidekick

Hello all,

Unloading my full shruthi-1 kit & sidekick package. These have been laying in their boxes for about 9 months now. I just don’t have the time and could use the extra money, though this looks like a great bit of fun. Here’s what’s in the sale:

1x The Sidekick PCB http://cl.ly/0r1X3B110K3O2D2v3n31
1x The Sidekick Enclosure
1x Shruthi-1 kit (SMR-4) http://cl.ly/3K0r3R0g1o3a0x1e3e3o

w/ shipping this cost me about $265.00. Open to offers.

PM me, or Email me offers. actuel (at) gmail [dot] com

Plenty of ebay feedback, etc.