FS EU/UK: Polaxis.be Mozmo Module


Please delete this thread at your convenience, @pichenettes.



It’s ok to post sales here but you’d have to be at least trust level 2 (member) to post in the “market” category.

You’ve been around for quite some time on the old forums, but unfortunately that does not give you points on Discourse, since there’s no way the system can know that. But getting to trust level 2 is not hard if you’re a bit active on the forums.

Anyway I’ll leave it to @Pichenettes to decide what to do with this post (which does belong in the appropriate category not here).


And since I’m not sure if the category is visible at all to you, here’s the new market rules:

Posting to this category is restricted to:

  • trust level 2 (aka Member) or more. Use this page55 to check your trust level. Promotion to trust level 2 comes with regular use of this forum (including occasional participation to discussions) for a period of one month.
  • at least one Mutable Instruments product sold/to be traded.


Ah, @pichenettes has moved it, I guess.
It’s OK, you can delete the thread @pichenettes, I will advertise elsewhere.
Apologies for breaking the rules.



Well if he moved it then I think it’s ok.


It did break the rules though, so it should be deleted.

I have become largely a lurker here, since the forum update (though not because of that), so I don’t really deserve to have an exception made, in all fairness.