FS (EU): TubeOhm Ambika Ladder Filter boards 3X

TubeOhm Ambika Ladder Filter boards
Build by myself several years ago. Switched back to 6x 4p so i don’t need these anymore
125€ for the set of 3


Could you share any insight into your experience with the differences in character between Ladder and 4P Ambika?

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The difference is huge.
The ladder filters are much more fat and rounder also a lot louder. They also offer extra analog distortion option.
The ladders are much better at bass and leads and the 4p are more subtle and better at pads etc.

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Hi, could I mount that voice card on a shruthi xt?

No these are for the Ambika poly synth. There is a shruthi version of the ladder filter too. See tubeohm website for that.

Ok, thanks!

Hi shiftr,

are these still available?


Hi Eelco,
yes they are!

Excellent! An Ambika motherboard is ready and waiting for them :slight_smile:

I’ll PM you …

Hi, were these sold?

Yes they are gone.