FS (EU) : Grids

I sale some of my Mutable Instruments modules, all first hand from Modular square or MI shop.
With box and manual.

Grids - 120€ (Version 1, need +5V on busboard)
Peaks - SOLD
Branches (prototype) - SOLD
Frames (Parasite firmware) - SOLD
Veils - SOLD
Streams- SOLD

Located in France
Shipping cost 15€ for EU with tracking and insurance
Payment Paypal (add fee or friend and family) or Bank transfer.



Wow, what happened to the LED pins on the Tides?

An issue from factory build (a test from one based oversea, Pichenette stop this quickly from memory) it’s a prototype from a small batch an isolated and identified case, but I don’t want to sell it based on this little concern, so I prefer offer it as gift.

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If you are willing to sell Tides v1 anyway (the corrosion on the LED pins is easily fixed - I’m an experienced DIY builder), I’d be interested, as I still have an unused Sheep panel (original Mutable Instruments) lying around … would be great to turn this into a Sheep module (I already have a Tides v1 myself, still using it, so don’t want to change the panel on that one).

Ah! Too late sorry I sold it before your post and I’ll honor the gift offer.

No worries - honouring a promise is important!

I’ll find another one :slight_smile:

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@eelco I’ll buy that Sheep panel from you, if you ever fancy selling it.

Sorry to hijack the thread…

Hi Toneburst,

OK, i tried to find my Sheep panel again, and found out I actually bought two of them at the time (there was a batch of 50 official ones). I guess I was a bit too ambitious :slight_smile:
One of them even has its protective layer still stuck on, so completely unscratched. I’m happy to sell that one on to you for what I paid for it then (2015): I should not make a profit on this, obviously (that’s not the spirit of this forum). The bill was in the same box: I paid 60,60 for both, so for 30.30 euro + postage it’s yours. Where are you based?


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Hi @eelco

If Toneburst doesn’t take the Sheep panel, I’d be very interested.

You’re number three on the list now :slight_smile:

@eelco I’ll take it (sorry guys). Assuming it’s still available.

I’m in the UK.

Let’s arrange via PM.

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Yes, still available. Arranging via PM is fine!

Price drop for Grids 130>120€

Is Grids still available?

Hi yes still available, but I’m traveling right now and can’t ship it before 29 july and move again 1 august to 15 august

That’s OK - there is no hurry - lets arrange this close to your return.
Just got back from lots of travelling myself, so understand perfectly.

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And … safely back from your travels? I am :slight_smile: - ready to buy Grids

Hi yes I’m back, sending you a PM

Grids sold!