[FS EU] Ears, Kinks, Warps, Manis Iteritas

This is it, I have made the resolution to sell something if I want to buy another synth.
I figured modular, though much fun, is less important to me than my other synths.

My studio has never known smoke, all modules are working + in perfect condition and shipped to handle a postman’s dunk. Most of them have been bought new.

From left to right, we have
Mutable Instruments Ears (bought new in June 2018, now 85€)

Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas (Black) (300€)

Mutable instruments Kinks (bought new in June 2018, now 75€)

Mutable instruments Warps (bought new in June 2018, now 170€)

I believe I’m fair with prices, if you don’t think so or if you need information, PM me :slight_smile:


Is Warps still available?

Sorry, the notification ended in my spam folder…

No, I’ll close the ad.