FS Ambika original clear acrylic case - SOLD!

Selling a perfect scratch-free original Ambika case, from the very first run of Ambika’s. I am now using a different case, so have this one as extra.

Has all the original markings - see photos. Bottom panel already has rubber feet affixed. Includes necessary screws to assemble and to secure Ambika to case. Again, see photo.

$40 shipping included for the lower 48-USA. For anywhere else, contact me to know how much extra shipping will be.

Email dan@defectiverecords.com

This is now sold!

How much did it sell for?

I honestly don’t recall, but was pretty close to asking price, if not exactly that.

Thanks, I’m thinking about selling mine for $400-450 and was wondering if it’s likely I’ll get around that much for it. It’s in pristine condition and looks almost exactly like yours, but mine was built by a 3rd party and not from MI directly.

To be clear - this sale was JUST for the acrylic case, not for the whole synth!

Oh now I see. For some reason my brain saw it as “Ambika in original clear acrylic case”. Thanks for the clarification.