FS: Alesis Micron [SOLD]

Nice and compact VA keyboard synth. This one is in “almost mint” condition unlike the other one I tried to sell earlier

The keyboard is velocity sensitive, but there’s no aftertouch. The keyboard has a nice “synth action” feel and the placement of the pichbend wheel and the modulation sliders actually makes a lot of sense once you get used to it.

It’s one of the nicest sounding VA synths I’ve used in terms of its ability to emulate analog gear. This might be because of the filter types it offers, most of which are modelled on those found in classic analogue synths.

It’s a bitch to program since it only has a single knob and a 16x2 display, but there are good editors out there (The “Megamicron” iPad app is highly recommended). Also, it has a stereo audio input, some nice effects, and it also includes a very nice vocoder.

I got this because it’s really tiny but still features a full 3-octave keyboard. You won’t be disappointed if you’re after the same kind of thing. I was using this machine as my MIDI master keyboard; the reason I’m selling it is that I’ve upgraded to a Waldorf Micro Q Keyboard for that purpose.

€175 including shipping within the EU, €200 including worldwide shipping. European power adapter included, but you can easily grab a 9V 1A AC adapter locally.

I’ve been looking for one for some time! PM on the way!

If Rumplefilter here does not get it, I am PMing you!

@Varthdader. I had promised myself not to spend more money in gear for the next 3 months… but this is really tempting me. So there is a chance I might let it go. Just give me a day or two to think it over…

Hey rumpelfilter take your time, I did not mean to pressure you.

Let me know if you decide against it!

I however might start to pressure him later today. :wink:

By the way, I even found the original paper manuals for this thing!

I know I might regret this… but I decided NOT to take it.
Varthdader, it’s all yours!

“I know I might regret this”, oh yes, you will … it is a beautiful keyboard, small but serious, and €175 including shipping is a really good price. But so someone else is happy :wink:

The thing is… I’ve got enough unused kit and I’m really out of free space. Even if the price is great, if I buy this and then I have to keep it packed up in a box, I prefer if somebody buys it and actually uses it.

just wait for the next µQk that floats by…… and join t2k and me in our shiny new µQk Owners Club :wink:

I’ve just found one… but it’s 700€ and I totally can’t afford it for something I have no space for.
I’ll just stop looking at BST for some time now :slight_smile:

??? I’ve seen one on evilbay for 390 € these days, this not the regular pricing…

mine was 420€ - worth every penny

Oh noes, my Q rack won’t make me a member of teh club! Note to self: remember to give @fcd72 shit about not having a K5000.

I wonder how the uQk arpeggiator is different from what’s there in the rack? I know there are obviously more controls on the panel and the keyboard is there, local and all.

I may not have a K5k but i can read a Manual :wink:

The arpeggiator should be identical. The only additional controls on the keyboard are buttons for quick patch selection.

…and a lovely keyboard, of course. :wink:

And i really like the side panels, see (18) ….

Full Metal Jacket? The case is genius; it might look a bit on photos but it’s super solid and the side panels make it easy to lift and move around. Love it.

…and as t2k will confirm, real man don’t have sissy wooden sidepanles - we have metal. Full Metal Jacket!

Not to forget…