FS: 2 Mutable & 1 Moog synth/sequencers (two quite collectible!)


All items are flawless and working 100%. Never left my home. Will ship from Boston, MA. Pics of all items here. At least initially, US only sales please. PayPal only. If you don’t like my prices, make me an offer. But suffice it to say I’m not in a huge rush, and it pains me to sell these - just don’t find myself using them as much anymore, so better off in home where they’ll get more play time!


Mutable Instruments Shruti-1 (NOT Shruthi-1 !!)
$600 + $15 shipping

  • Hybrid monosynth
  • First Mutable Instruments product, precursor to the Shruthi-1, and works similarly
  • Extremely rare and collectable - according to Olivier, only ~50 sold, likely fewer built
  • Built by me in mid-2010
  • Uses CEM 3379 VCF & VCA
  • Includes power supply
  • pdf of user’s manual available online

Mutable Instruments Anushri
$360 + $15 shipping

  • Digitally controlled analog monosynth, with all analog signal path, paired with lo-fi digital drum synth. On board sequencer/arpeggiator, with generative drum pattern sequencing
  • Original Mutable Instruments kit run
  • Includes power supply
  • Built by me in late 2012
  • User and Build Manuals online

Moog BFAM (Brother From Another Mother)
$600 + $20 shipping

  • Analog synth & sequencer
  • Built at Moogfest Engineering Workshop May,2016, Durham, NC
  • Extremely collectable: 3 Engineering Workshop groups of approximately 30(?) people in each - therefore likely that only ~100 exist
  • This unit: SN0026
  • Moog insisted they were not going to make these production, and over 1 year later that’s still the case
  • sibling of Mother32 and DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) from this year’s Moogfest
  • Eurorack-able if desired
  • Includes power supply, patch cables, reference guide, 2 stickers, and will ship in Mother32 box (which was provided to us at the Workshop)
  • More info
  • Good use of the BFAM in this Soundcloud track


Did I read 600 for the Shruti ???


Yes - priced considering its rarity. I’ve never seen one of these for sale, beyond Olivier’s original kit sales back in 2010. As mentioned above, there’s likely fewer than 50 of these in existence (not to mention the custom case work on this came out quite nicely).

BTW, these are now on Reverb (for higher prices), and the Moog has been sold… I’m willing to honor the prices above for Mutable forum members however.


Anushri is now sold as well. Have dropped price on Reverb for the Shruti-1 to $600, so will offer Mutable forum members price of $575 + $15 shipping.


Still looking to sell the Shruti - willing to let it go for $475 + $15 shipping… Olivier’s first product!!!


OK, so I really overestimated what this baby is worth. Now down to $425 + $15 shipping…


Maybe try Reverb or eBay? Those might be better places to sell to collectors. :slight_smile:


Thanks, but already on Reverb… still no bites. :frowning:


Hm. Can’t find it on Reverb myself. Oh, and update the listing at the top with new prices maybe?


Can’t edit original post, too old I think. Here’s the Reverb link: Shruti-1 on Reverb


Kinda weird. It’s actually a very pretty little box. I’d just keep it on there and wait…

It is however strange that I couldn’t find it by searching on “shruti”.


Interesting, you’re right. However searching with “shruti-1” does find it. Crappy search engine…


They’re probably using Sphinx for the searches, but they haven’t configured it properly. It’s saddening how badly search gets implemented and tested. :frowning:


Depends how it is tokenising, if it doesn’t split at dashes then the search won’t match?


As with most things, it’s slightly more complex than that. :slight_smile:


The Shruti has now been sold, so all items are now taken.