Front panels - Schroff UK

Sent off for a sample two days ago. My only concern when it landed this morning the panel was bent slightly.
You can read the process details in the attached letter.

Nice! I’d put the bend down to the Royal Mail - who on occasion even manage to damage gear posted in a flightcase


Indeed the Royal Mail are my prime suspects too. Upon investigation the sample arrived from Germany, which I was interested in, seeing if Schroff at Hemel Hempstead were kitted up to do this or not and it would appear the latter.
The colours are great, though. I am quite impressed.
No idea of cost , though they will do one offs.

The copy on their website is suspiciously poorly-written, for a UK-based company.


Absolutely . … still it was free, and will make a nice multiples facia when drilled.
I should like to know prices before dipping my toe though …