Front panel service


I’m looking for an alternative to my current choice for front panels (Schaeffer). Requirements are rather simple: 2mm aluminium, drilling, cutting, milling, punching and printing labels and a color background. I have contacted Re:synthesis in the UK and liked their prices and service very much, but have had difficulty with communication. Slow replies or no replies at all to my emails. I also know of Fahrion, but I would be open to alternatives. Preferably in Europe and low-volume friendly.


Crazy website, but good quality and reasonably priced. They will also do uncommon stuff like anodizing after milling, printing before anodizing, etc.

is the beast ( the same as re:synthesis?


The Beast can be a bit slow to reply.

I got a custom panel done by Ben @ re:synthesis. It was quite quick, but turned out quite expensive. It was full-colour, though, and a one-off, so I should probably have expected that, really.


@TheSlowGroth: Oh Modushop is in Italy, might have to check them out!

@toneburst: beats me, my last frontpanel from Schaeffer for my 19" 3HU Shruthi programmer cost me around 180€, the design for my 19" Shruthi XT is right at the moment around 230€. I am still unsure if i’d be willing to pay this for a frontpanel, or even go the route to make my own.

This Modulshop is a good find.

Yea, their cases are very good. They are all more on the mojo-HIFI side of things, but from my experience they make anything you will ever want - if you ask then via email.