From Shruthi .brd .sch to Gerber format?

Hi Mutable instruments community,

I downloaded the PCB digital board v.0.8 hardware designs from here:

I have two files, .Brd and .SCH.

Does anyone have the Gerbers? [I current don’t have Autodesk Eagle software to convert them to Gerbers compatible format]

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Most places will take an eagle file in lieu of gerbers

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Are you able to link any fair priced prototype PCB manufacture who does?

Those I have tested in the past [jlcpcb] only takes Gerber.

I just tested Oshpark and It does not work.

I get the following errors:

  • No decoder for file type “sch”.
  • Invalid or corrupt “brd” file.

works pretty good on my side

btw, no need to upload the *sch file

Strange, it works now too for me…thanks anyway!