From Particles — An album of piccolo bass manipulated by Clouds


I wanted to share this release that came out a few months ago called From Particles. I started recording it before reading the whole thing about how Clouds was intended to be used, but I still think what I made sounds pretty dope.

For pretty much all of the tracks, I used the 8s long audio buffer setting and manually scrubbed through the position at a glacial pace. I stacked tracks of the octaves and 5ths, using the same sample and method, to make these satisfying masses of foggy sounds. Over the top of that I looped improvised bass that was inspired by the Clouds layers.

Hope you all like it, I know it’s not strictly modular (really there’s none), but maybe this will find some love anyway.


Great music! Thanks for sharing.


I’d say this is a perfectly acceptable use of clouds!


I love this ! Really fond of ambient lately, particularly ambient involving Clouds :wink:

Beer’s on me ! (or whatever your poison is)


Oh thanks, ya’ll :smiley: