Fried roland d110?


Just thought id try and exploit the pool of knowledge here

I recently acquired a roland d110 from evil bay cash on collection (therefore unable to return)

It seemed to be working ok but after trying to get it working with sounddiver and midiquest with intermittent results at first then it stopped transmitting to the software I realised that the midi out port was not working and thru would not send the sysex dumps

I took the unit apart as it looks like possible connectivity issue but after wiring a second midi port to the pcb the problem persisted so I decided to live with asi could still send patches from editor

However when I put it all back together I discovered that now the LCd lights up but strange garbled feint text is present and the unit is no longer doing anything with midi in or out.

I may have sent power through it with a board disconnected I think I may have fried the bios somehow any suggestions of steps I could take to try and troubleshoot / repair it or should I bin it :frowning:

Problem is you neither have schematics nor the spare parts. Only thing to check if the PSU works (might be some bad caps there) - if not…. well. They are not that expensive, are they?

Digital synths are much harder to fix when a chip dies. Also, I have noticed that the MIDI in the Roland d110 tends to be annoying to get to work. It is not uncommon for the midi to just not work. You may want to contact Roland to see if they still have replacement EEPROM chips if push comes to shove.

Did you check the IC sockets? Try reseating the EPROM. Have you checked the battery?
Did you try resetting the memory? (Press and hold “enter” and “write/copy” simultaneously while powering on. WARNING: this erases the RAM bank (i-bank)

Thanks for the tips

I will try all this when I get home

Similar problem with my d110. Tried reset and battery change but the synth is totally blocked. Did you solve it?

no gave up, think its fried and plus I’ve got much better synths anyway so i harvested the encoder knob to replace one that got broken on my zoom 1201 and used the rest as a rack blank

Mine got back to life by changing the battery. It DOES NOT like to work with midiquest, i have no soundiver to try, on cheap usb-midi interface and some not so cheap that i borrowed… Sometimes it just blocks but then i just reset it and upload sysex with midiox…