Freq Central module help requested ( VCA + VCF)

Hi everyone, for my 50th bday I bought a nice set of FC PCBs and some custom panels from a friend to start up eurorack again , just a basic setup to use with my Elektron Analog 4

SYSTEM X : 2 VCO , 1 VCF , 1 ENV , 1 VCA and 1 Vogue VCF

Long story short, the VCF and VCA do not work, Ive tried every permutation to get sounds out of them, and I also was able to use teh same setup and get sounds through the vogue so the setup is workable

I built them up carefully and took my time ( about 2 months, waiting for parts also !) Im not very knowledgable with electronics and im terrible at diagnostics beyond, checking chips orientation, cold solder joints/shorts

I just took some photos of them if that may help, is there something very obvious Im overlooking?

Pics are in the thread below at Muffs , if this isnt allowed here at MI Ill delete it

thanks in advance


I think I found the problem :frowning:

I used BC557s for 3 of the 4 2N5485s for the VCF
for the VCA bad LF351 ICs , rep;aced with TL071s!