Frenquency counter


Could you advise me on the purchase of a Frequency watch. The display of mine no longer works and I need to take measurements Khz with two digits after the decimal point, ( like 262.08 Khz ) it’s for turntable.

I saw that :;ACTION=3;LA=2;ARTICLE=81996;GROUPID=4059;artnr=UT+803;ACTION=3;LA=2;ARTICLE=102151;GROUPID=4059;artnr=UT+804

I need only frequency counter but i can pay only 100/200€
If you have other ideas

Thank you for your response.

Romain Jehanne

What about this one?

I already own a Fluke 87 multimeter. it measures the frequency, but with only one digit after the decimal point. If this one has two digits after the decimal point, it’s a good idea.

I called reichhelt, peaktech 3410 is only one digit after dot, i will buy this:

To be honest, i think its waaay over the top to buy this if you only need it to adjust your Technics. It is still ok to mix with Technics that are not adjusted at all, and its definitely enough to adjust to one digit after the decimal point to be able to mix perfectly :wink:

I agree with you, I often mix on turntables set incorrectly or boost, and it’s possible :wink:
After, I have this perfectionist side which I like the second digit after the decimal point :slight_smile: lol
I often restores old turntables, and when I sell them, it is a guarantee of quality (for me and the buyer) and then it is not a purchase in the wind (French term ?) I have a multimeter with all other functions…

If you are measuring a value around 260kHz, one digit after the digital point means you have an inaccuracy of 0,04%. Two digits means you have an inaccuracy of 0,004%. Are you sure your prefectionist side is not going very slightly over the top here?