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I searched without finding, do you know if it is possible to have a French translation of the instructions for use of the MI modules. It seems to me that the company is French, it is certainly possible to find a translation without going through Google translate.

Moreover, it seems to me that several French artists or creators have had the opportunity to create modules with foreign companies, but that their instructions are not with a French translation, I find that a shame, because the practice of modular n 't is already not obvious, if in addition the language barrier is present, I find it a shame. You can not find ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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I am French but I write all the manuals and documentation directly in English (and more generally “think” in English when it comes to code and all the technical things that I have not learnt in a French context). It’s not like there has been at some point an original French document that I hand over to a translator…

I don’t think a French document littered with words like “CV”, “Trigger” or “Gate” would be particularly pretty. I don’t think “TC (tension de contrôle)”, or “xx-CT (xx contrôlé en tension)”, “Signal d’impulsion de déclenchement”, or “Signal logique d’enclenchement” would be particularly easy to understand, especially when playing along with other equipment that uses the widespread English terminology.

I don’t see any reason why I should do this particular favor to the French by providing translations in this language. Why not Portuguese or Bengali then? Or German, which is actually a 5-6 times larger market than France?


it is quite understandable that a translation adapts to its original technical language. Unless I’m mistaken, in the field of web programming, many languages ​​are based on an Anglo-Saxon basis, yet many books, sites, notices exist with a language other than English. far from me, the idea of ​​translating this kind of information only into French. I speak this language and understand it well enough, it is normal that I go naturally towards it. but I would understand perfectly well that a German, Chinese, Portuguese person is looking for a translation in his native language to open more easily in a discipline which pleases him. I learned to understand the major technical terms, cv, trig, gate … I don’t think that a translation in a notice is essential. to come back to web programming, some terms do not translate. my request seems to be perceived as an attack, yet it doesn’t. I am curious and I like the modular very much, unfortunately I did not have the chance to learn English and today I realize that it is a lack for an openness to certain things. I would like to understand the modular world, there are many youtube channels, a shop in Paris, but now, I would have found it nice to have a user manual in French, for modules from a French brand. I like to support initiatives near my home.


Hi Pierre,

I’m sorry about your struggle with english, most communities (like this forum) are english speaking and it can be difficult to find content in other langages. I hope that you can get better at it with the time.

That being said I totally understand Emilie’s point. I don’t expect one of those notice translate in 10 languages in any of her products :wink:

The only french speaking synth communities I know are and

Maybe you can find some help there, maybe even someone will be pleased to translate some manual for you. translate service is also pretty one point.

Salut @Pierre - as a French speaker I will be more than happy to help if you need any clarification on a manual detail or anything modular really. Feel free to DM if needed!

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