Freiburg/Germany anybody?

If anybody lives near/at Freiburg you might be interested to come and see me performing a glitch video performance with the scifihifi project next saturday.
the basic idea is to have the soundtrack of scifi films remixed/replaced with some techno music while the images get mangled through some circuit bent/diy video gear. …it’s like going to the movies and going to a techno party at the same time. (no chairs though)

That’s the wrong end of germany :confused: I’d love to, looks great but 800km…ooph. Make sure to come back with some recordings! And drink a beer for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it Freiburg im Brisgau ?

According the venue address , yes it is Freiburg im Brisgau,

So I might drop by as I live near by neighboring country

yes Freiburg im Breisgau.

yould be nice if you make it, cereyanlimusiki :slight_smile:

Unfortunately i’ll have to work the next 2 weekends. Freiburg is a 2 hours drive, according to my driving style :wink:

So its 4 hrs for a normal beeing?

More likely 3 hours, as the A5 is pretty crappy down there. The locals call it “cemetary of tires”…

800km from Freiburg could be near me - where are you from?

I need 4 hours. - You have 2. - Ok ill do it in 5 Minutes.

@fcd72 Hamburg. It’s 760 km to be fair.

>I need 4 hours. – You have 2. – Ok ill do it in 5 Minutes.

Is that a Star Trek reference? :>

What is StarTrek ?

Whoa! Are you serious?

Anyway, so where do you live?


That’s more precise than I wanted to know, hehe.
A very good friend of mine comes from that town :>
From what he told me, drug traffic seems to be pretty bad with the netherlands in such a close vicinity…

about your icon,
is that sheeple
or black sheep ?

It’s Paradox the zebrasheep. And it says moo.