Free stuff - parts

I am giving away 2 big boxes (50x40x25 each) full of misc electronics parts.

These are the parts I used for prototyping and building things during the first 6 years of Mutable Instruments. The through-hole parts are carefully sorted/bagged, the SMD parts are in their original Mouser bags in a folder. This also includes less carefully sorted SMD parts from recent 0402 projects. They cover a good chunk of the Shruthi/Ambika BOMs, early 0603 Mutable Instruments modules, and some recent 0402 modules if you can find the ICs.

This includes:

  • Passives.
  • LEDs, displays.
  • Jacks, headers.
  • Pots and knobs.
  • ICs (op-amps, VCAs, regulators).
  • Some tools and breadboarding/prototyping stuff (cables).
  • Misc hardware and spacers.

I can send those to any place in the European union.

Please don’t claim them for the sake of getting free stuff, if you don’t plan to make use of those!

I’d prefer that they are put to good use. If you are organizing SDIY workshops, are running a makerspace or ant educational project or community, or are building a ton of synth DIY projects, you’re the perfect candidate.


Hi, I’m not hosting a workshop, neither I belong to any project community, but I, along with a friend have sdiy as a main hobby (we are building and trying to create new things) and we will put them in a good use :slight_smile:

When COVID hit, I found myself with a lot of extra time. I decided to use this time to offer free labor to those on Modwiggler that needed help fixing and building eurorack modules. For the past two years I have been able to do this for many fellow enthusiasts, and plan on continuing for years to come. These parts would be extremally helpful to me as it would remove the cost of random parts that are sometimes missing, or need replacing. I live in Canada, so I would be willing to pay for the shipping but if you can only ship to the European union I have family in England. If this is not possible, I hope these parts find their way to a makerspace, educational project or community.

  • Nick

Hi !
Not sure if those boxes already found enthusiasts to make good use of them, but the university society I am currently running with fellow students could organize educational workshops with the components listed. It is an audio electronics club so the circuits would be noise making and mangling devices for our members to enjoy and learn some DIY knowledge (e.g. soldering) with.

I am in France right now, but if you need any further information I’d be glad to help on that.

They are gone!