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That’s what all those “clear your clutter with feng shui”-authors are missing: The clutter won’t get cleared. It is moved only from one person to another person. Damned law of conservation of energy…

Nevertheless I think it is pure coincidence that this law was originally first proposed and tested by a scientiest with the name Émilie (Conservation of energy - Wikipedia)

Avec plaisir!

Bonjour Emilie,
S’il vous reste un case ou n’importe quoi qui puisse accueillir mes modules MI, je suis preneur!

Arf, pas lu le fil en entier… Bon bin c’est très sympa cette initiative…

If I don’t hear from you in the next 24 hrs, the pod60 will go to someone else!

Waving hand;-)

Only to FR, ES, BE, DE, IT, NL
First come first served.
Only one item per person.
More items might be made available in the coming weeks.


  • Misc EE books (including The Art of Electronics)
  • Set of very very long MIDI (x3) and instrument cables (x3) (10m each, suitable for monitoring equipment running in a Faraday cage during EMC testing)
  • Behringer UMC204HD audio interface with assorted cables
  • Shure SRH240 headphones + assorted cables including stackables + contact mic
  • Behringer Xenyx 502 baby mixer with assorted cables
  • Nagma Lehera machine with carrying bag

I’d gladly receive the books!

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I’d be really interested in the Lehra <3

Can I ask which books are included? Always looking for good book tipps^^

I’ll be glad to get the behringer interface !

Didn’t know this one… This thing is wild! :yum:

Circuit Designer’s Companion, Troubleshooting Analog Circuits, the Art of Electronics, Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems, 2nd Edition


If there is no response for the pod60, I would love to receive it!
Or else I am interested in the headphone plus cables.


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The Nagma Lehera machine sounds fun! But I might be too late already …

@bloc yeah, that’s what I thought too!
But I am pretty sure that learning these patterns by heart (which I think the device has been developed for) would severely distract me from learning other more useful things. Furthermore the videos I watched made the impression that the sound emerging from the device was very unattractive to my ears…

I love Harmonium, but that was not the free reed I am longing for :wink:

I would still be extremely grateful for the case!

Feeling like a spiralling vulture somehow :eyes:

If it is still available i have good use for it.

I’m afraid I blew it, am I too late?