Free sampling software

seen it.
looks interesting, wouldn’t know what to do with it right now, but I think I’ll give it a try. I don’t like all those windows floating around, bad UI design, but I’m quite picky on that side. :slight_smile:

actually having had a play with it , it gets a thumbs down, but hey, it’s cheap, like the budgie :wink:
Awful interface, I agree.

Here are free thingies for us with linux… might compile on mac as well(?). Simple guis. I like them. :slight_smile:

@Fitvideo: yeah I’ve tried it as well and it didn’t even want to recognize my sound interface… double thumbs down

@tb323: these look pretty good! Not using linux much for music making, but it’s great to see new project are being developed…
Though I must say, I’m not installing anything that needs me to compile from source. Sorry but my time is really not much and I don’t want to waste it with compiling things that will then never work (at least 80% of the time it does not work for me because something is missing or whatever)
Give me a .deb file, or an apt url…

@rumpelfilter: I think you can enable a repository named raring. It was a while since I used ubuntu. Here’s a package page at least.
One of the reasons I switched from ubuntu to arch was that I had less problems testing new stuff. As long as the programs are in aur there usually is no problem. I understand the lack of time. :slight_smile:

thanks for the links, will check it out! Well you know I use ubuntu mainly as a multimedia/couch system, so I usually don’t need much extra stuff. I like ubuntu because it comes with a lot of stuff preinstalled and that makes the effort of setting up and managing the system quite low. Actually it reduces it to zero. :slight_smile: