Free JX8P Virtual Instrument for Mac and PC

If you want a JX8P but can’t get one, this virtual emulation is extremely accurate. It’s also free.

It is a very accurate emulation with a few extra features like LFO sync and up to 12 voice polyphony. It can even import .syx files from a hardware JX8P. If you use a computer to make sounds or music at all, you need to download this.

The only extra features on a wishlist would be a fully resonant filter option, a higher LFO range, and more LFO shapes. That may break .syx compatibility too much though. However, it does have a legato mode! That was missing on the real deal.

All of that said, this is without a doubt the most accurate JX8P emulation. It gets a 10/10 from me.

Yes its pretty good but sounds a tad naff in the low end.Given that its free could compensate for this.The midrange sounds pretty spot on especially with lush chords which is basically what the JX does best.The extra features you request would take it from being the Luxury Yacht the JX is to more of a speed boat.Rating not bad cause its free.:slight_smile: