Free DAC + ADC (Europe only)

I got these parts and I realised that probably I won’t ever use them:

Only one unit of each item.

Brand new, each one on its sealed 3M anti-static moisture barrier bag.

Will send only to Europe, to avoid filling custom papers.

I only ask for shipping costs, which will be around 3€ (or even less!), signed airmail.

If anyone wants them, just PM me.

The price of the components according to TI is $33,45 (DAC) and $15,95 (ADC). I got them some time ago, as free samples.

If someone thinks that could use them Shruthi-wise or synth-wise, I’ll just send them for free.

It’s just that I can’t stand having things that I don’t use in a drawer getting dust.


PM’d back.

These two guys will travel to their new home in UK with ‘fleetway76’.