Free album on Bandcamp - Music for landscapes and windows

Hello all,

I’m in the process of splitting my original project into two. Mainly because I had the need to have a fresh start and compartmentalize two of my main interest in music was the best way to wrap my head around what I really wanted to do.
To symbolize this transition between what was originally a synthpop/melodic project and the actual techno orientation, I decided to release a small album. It is a journey into seven landscapes composed between 2012 and 2015. Some are raw, some come from one take jams, and some were supposed to be released somewhere else.
They are now assembled together into a succession of windows, like sound glimpses in what made the project PaulusP originally: spacial and romantic compositions based on Paulus Potter’s paintings.
Mutable Instruments is present on all tracks!
SO much love and romance comes from these litlle synthesizer!

I’d love to read some feedback,


Gave a full listen… really pretty! Listening again now…


Thanks a lot man, I think I composed these track truly without any release in mind. At the time, I just wanted to play with feelings and synthesizers.

Just listening to it now. I find it a very enjoyable album so far!

Thanks man, really happy that you find it enjoyable!