Frank´s Shruti-1 programmer vs. Shruti XT

Another HUGE difference in my opinion is the difficulty of assembly. If you are an inexperienced builder, I would highly recommend the official one. I love my “original” XT but damn, that was a lot of “messy wires” ! :slight_smile:

It would be possible to do encoders if you had extra hardware though. But would someone really want to spend 25% to 50% more on a unit just for encoders?

Also, while my XT works perfectly well I don’t like lots of wiring and much prefer PCB mounted pots. The new XT will be much easier to build.

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“Another HUGE difference in my opinion is the difficulty of assembly. If you are an inexperienced builder, I would highly recommend the official one. I love my “original” XT but damn, that was a lot of “messy wires” !”

But now you undertand how this xt thingie works…it’s pretty straightforward.

And amount of work!.. The Frank version is al least 2 times as much work as the new XT because of the wiring…

yes wasn’t someone’s comment “it’s like I dream of wires…the dark side” :slight_smile: … But I enjoyed the whole process and loved the look of the XT programmer. The size was nice for tweaking and I like the flow/layout of knobs better from what I can see. Of course by the time I finished with it the finish wasn’t quite professional due to my ham-handedness so take your skillz into account.

Plus of course - friendly (long-suffering!)assistance with both - but personalised case & graphics etc only from the ever-patient Major Lazer™. That said the new one looks ace so it’s six and two threes.

If you have the programmer PCBs & you want a cool project - do it! You can have a cool personalised case designed and built by yourself or made for you for a very reasonable price…If you want to just build without sourcing & get tweaking then it’s gonna be the kit, innit.

Yes! I like cool projects!

I have four Shrutis, I have the pcb´s and I like to meet challenge. I just completed the first pcb. Next I fiddle around with Shiftr´s compact programmer file in Corel Draw…

Can I use the old programmer for programming other connected Shrutis, like the new XT can? I don´t know if I really need two XT-Shrutis.

I have four XTs. I think I’m done for now 'though.

You can tweak all other shruthis down the poly chain with the old XT too!

Feature wise, all you can do with the new you can do with the old (except stuff enabled by the new firmware, which will eventually be officially released for it too).

Plus, it is not only a custom case you can do, you can also accommodate special features requiring switches and or extra pots, like a volume in and out, or the switches for the filter´s pole selection and bp, or any other hardware.

@loopino Great my file get’s some use :slight_smile: … I’ve also made a polivoks version without a window glass since then …
I think this is the last version of the file in corel draw… I originally made them in in AI.

Thank you! I´ll have a look at it later.

@piscione: when did you build those? I remember you having a bunch of shruthis… but I didn’t know you’ve turned them all into XTs :slight_smile:

I bought one that needed a bit of work, then turned my first “Lego” Shruthi into an XT, followed by a ladder filter version and my last one, built into an old Heath Zenith Digital Experimenter case. There’s photos in the Built Shruthis thread. I think I’m done for now, that makes 7 Shruthis. In hindsight, I should’ve just mounted everything in 19" rack cases but it was fun building them into custom (and all different) cases instead.

@shiftr: What diameter do your pot-caps have?

@piscione: rackmounting everything is what I would do as well in the future if I had to build as many shruthis :slight_smile:

@loopino… The first version uses the standard shruthi knobs… I believe it’s 15,7mm
The second version I used different pots with 6mm knurled shaft and I think 16mm knobs.

For the first version I used 9mm Alps pots… They were much nicer to build than the bigger ones.

I thought about following the link to Musikding where they sell these 16 mm linear pots with knurled shafts. They are quite cheap. But this link was meant for Frank´s larger frontpanel. I think I have a look at 9 mm now. UK-Electronic stores “Bourns Pot 9mm PCB Split shaft 10K lin” for 1,70 Euro. But this would double the price.

You can fit in the 16mm pots…
For the 9 mm pots i used the ‘stabilizing notch’ and made an extra hole for that.
If you use the ‘stabilizing notch’ on the 16mm ones it will be outside of the range covered by the knob. So it will be ugly. So i didn’t use them on the 16 mm ones. And it also get’s a bit cramped inside but it does fit.
I used 50k pots because they were cheaper. They are just voltage dividers so the value doesn’t matter that much.

Would Alps RK097111080J (9 mm, 15 mm shaft, d-shaft) be good? They are 1,06 Euro each.

I think they are ok…

I used these RK09L1140A5P. Got them at RS Components
They are also 15mm.