Frank´s Shruti-1 programmer vs. Shruti XT


I still have two unused programmer PCBs and I wonder what the main differences between a Shruti XT and a Shruti with Frank´s programmer are.

OLED and cool poti-caps are optional of course and I would have to wire the pots. But which functions would I miss compared to the XT? Is there something impossible with the programmer-Shruti? Does the programmer run with Shruti OS 1.0?

I must say that I was totally hit by the really cool looking, polished XT and I was shure to buy one - untill I read about loose knobs… My LXR is still waiting for a DIN-Iso-tape treatment and that info really cooled me down a bit.

Thanks for your input!


If you are scared by the knobs…… its just a piece of tape away.
The MI Xt has a faster update rate (although the original XT update rate is absolutely OK for me….) and for some parameters (like OSC SHAPE) Buttons instead of Pots which makes it a bit easier to select the right value, otherwise they are the same besides the JAM button.
Advantage for the original XT is a wider knob spacing - its nearly twice the size.

> Is there something impossible with the programmer-Shruti?

“List” parameters (like waveforms) are accessible with +/- buttons on the new XT - but with pots on the “vintage” one.

The new XT has a digital volume pot on the front panel, and a button to latch the arpeggiator/sequencer or trigger single notes.

I have never tested the v1.0 of the firmware on the “vintage” XT but it’s supposed to work. The pots refresh rate is faster on the new XT.

"The pots refresh rate is faster on the new XT."
Is this due to firmware 1.0 or the hardware design of the new XT ?

Both; the new XT uses 4 of the ATMegas A/Ds the vXT only one . . . albeit the on the Silcion i suppose its just one A/D anyways :wink:

So there would be no benefit for “old” XT users to flash to firmware 1.0 ?

YOu would have the new firmware 1.0 :wink:
I didn’t try so far as my only vXT is kind of disassembled - just try, you can anytime downgrade.

When i have the time, just downgrading my MacBook Pro as Mavericks completly sucked…

the big advantage of Frank programmer is that it was designed by Frank, the advantage of the new XT is that it was made by Olivier :slight_smile:
Well the old programmer case was also designed to accomodate two filter boards and the knob spacing really is quite wide. I never had an issue with the update rate, wasn’t even aware that there is an update rate :smiley:
If you’re in lack of deskspace the new XT might be a better choice though…

Regarding electrics there are two things that really make me shiver when I think about them: Luesterklemmen (luster terminals) and Isolierband (electrician´s tape). It´s some kind of allergy from the time when I was interested in car-hifi and repairing motorbikes. Especially the tape was always smeary and non permanent. O. K. - I´ll give it a try in d.i.y.

Mine is 19" - i own too much Tischhupen…

I nearly know nothing about electronics but, only roughly spoken, what would have to be modified to use encoders instead of pots for the list-parameters? Please don´t beat me if this is a silly question.

You’d need far more computing power and you need to alter the Firmware. We should really do an "Perpetuale Envoders versus Pots’n’Knobs Thread " as this issue pops up frequently


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I think somebody should finally do an encoders version of the shruthi, so everybody would be happy.

My opinion: encoders are totally overrated. I had several devices that used encoders with led rings… they all sucked. The only one that somehow is acceptable is the MRTX, where they found a pretty clever solution to lousy low-res encoders.

Also keep in mind that the only place where encoders would make sense on the shruthi are the 4 pots below the display. Everything else is much more usable with pots, because it’s dedicated ones, not multi-function ones. Having 4 encoders instead of pots on the XT will only give you a very reduced advantage, since you’ll be tweaking most parameters with the extended interface anyway…

@fcd72: yeah let’s add a encoder FAQ section on the wiki and then just link to that.

Sorry for the confusion. I was only thinking about the “list”-parameters, which are knobs at the XT. I don´t want Encoders for every function.

you could go for Drehschalter and Resistor Ladders :wink:

A Shruthi with encoders would be a Shruthi without oscillators :slight_smile:

Who needs these Oscidingens anyways?™

Actually, someone should make a little SMT board with an encoder, an ATTiny or the like, a digital pot and some /- pins. Voilà! Instant pot->encoder or/- -> encoder upgrade, with bonus messy wires!