Frank, is that you?


i just sprayed coffee out my nose

Holy shit, please be fcd72 - I mean… Hot damn… You can even see the translucent piano - A sign of fcd72’s plexi peddling business :wink:

I hope one of those people is indeed FCD! that would be epic rad


Love it !


What on earth does a person have to type into a search engine to find such horrors?

haha, i was sure this one was coming
i think that i googled “frank daniels address germany”

We should have seen this coming … first this story about Der Wendler and now this! OMG!

Everyone has a dark side.

@fcd72 may i have some souvenir card with autograph (hand written)? my aunt and her neighbour want some too.

I take the lack of reply from fcd72’s in this discussion as a “yes”.

Best thing I’ve seen all day!

Not sure if this helps Frank much but I have photos of myself in a blue polyester jumpsuit with a satin lightning bolt on the leg and white patent leather shoes. If you missed the chance to look like you were made out of plastic in the 80s, you really have not lived life to the fullest.

It won’t help til you post it


Not a chance! Anybody who wants to see those photos needs to come to my place for a beer.

oh come on already, i was 15 in 1987 - do i need to elaborate?