I’m having so much fun with this module.
In the ‘not so secret’ mode (cranked up to audio rate) there’s a lovely sweet spot where it sounds just like a vintage organ. Wonderful.
And with a bit of tuning of the modulation on the Frames input it tracks very nicely over two or three octaves. (Probably even more if set up right)
If I get the chance tomorrow I’ll make a short video.

And at lower frequencies it’s also a killer modulator for vco’s or anything else you fancy throwing some mad modulation at.
What a bonus to what is already a great module.
I’ve said before in another thread that I’d have bought this bonus mode as it is in a separate module.

And if the proposed skip to the next frame with a trigger function is added, well, the mind boggles at the possibilities.

It’s a killer module Olivier, I doff my cap to you.


There’s some servere doffage coming from this direction as well. It’s basically the centerpiece of my case . Everything I do involves the functionality of frames in some way.

“skip to the next frame with a trigger” is implemented. Waiting a bit for the release, though…

Bloody hell. This is going to be massive.
(And gives me the excuse to buy two. One on mixing duties, and one on modulation. Mmm)


I’ve been thinking about another one…but another Braids might come first (plus the 50 other modules I want =/)

Bought an Edges yesterday. Call me impatient and stupid but I bought a module before a case. But now I come to think of it, I think I’d sooner attempt to build a case. Just a shame I’ve missed the boat for Frank’s power PCB.

Frames isn’t even listed on the MI pages (other than a coming soon…message). So I’m intrigued as to what it can do.

I want a SID chip module too, but looks like I missed the boat on those too. A UK company called ALM made about 30, called Sid Guts.

Frames’ Modular grid description

I’d expect as much from 6581 punk!

@6581punk: They will release a diy version of the Sid Guts :slight_smile:


Start a list in the thread - i reorder if my ReorderPainLevel™©® is hit.

Wow- incredible. You have two levels of trademark protection and a copyright just for good measure. You’re very serious about taking your “ReorderPainLevel” to the next level, eh?

Yes, its really painful packing 20+ boxes and not to scramble up anything….

“Pain level at 60%, danger level, danger level…”

Made me think of that computer game from Never Say Never Again :slight_smile:

Just like that…… I won against Mr Blofeld :wink:

Just use some frickin Lazer beams next time. Scotty don’t!

@6581Punk - I have an extra bus board on its way to me. If you’re in the states, I can ship it to you for a reasonable price. I can build it up too, if you’re interested. (That way, I can give my new Hakko soldering station a workout)

thats the spirit i want to see here :wink:


I like building stuff, so I’ll have just the PCB if you’re sure you don’t need it :slight_smile:

@6581punk, keep watching for a SID guts kit. It was due in Jan, probably will appear this spring. I hope.

I want SID GUTS toooooo. Hoping for that kit!