Frames user error? SOLVED


I’m having a bit of a problem with Frames. It’s new from the box and I haven’t entered any special modes.

1. Channel 1 connected to Braids Timbre, Channel 2 connected to Braids Color
2. +10V OFFSET is on (jumper set to 5V for braids)
3. Cleared all frames by holding DEL
4. Frames knob fully CCW, Add frame, set Channel 1,2 knobs. All works as expected.
5. Turn Knob fully CW, Add frame……Here is the problem, I can’t change the values of the channel knobs. I turn them but there is no audible or visual change. Also the Frame knob doesn’t change color when I add a frame, always stays red.

It makes no difference where the frames are really, the only one I can alter is the first one. If I put a sine from Peaks into the frame socket and turn up the Modulation knob it will scan the frames.

I’m sure it’s something simple I’m doing wrong, but I just can’t work it out.

Thank you for any help guys!

Try reinitializing the module by holding “DEL” for 5s while the module is powered on.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried what you’ve suggested, but it’s still the same…

I’m afraid I can’t provide more detailed help as I am on vacations. Will it be possible for you to return the module back to me in one week?

No problem, I got it from London modular so I’ll let them know. Just wanted to check it wasn’t something I was doing wrong. Enjoy your vacation :slight_smile:

One thing worth checking:

In the procedure you describe, what is the status of the green LED?

  • It should light on at step 4 after you press “add”.
  • The it should light off when you turn the big knob.
  • And it should light on again after you press “add” with the big knob in another position.

It does exactly as you described. The Frames knob still stays one colour.(red from initialized)

Do you have anything connected to the CV Jack?

@fcd72 To the FRAME input? If yes then that is the only way I can scan the frames

Panic over. I reset again, then held DEL to remove all frames, held ADD to store that, restarted and all seems ok!

So clearly I’m having one of those days. So sorry for interrupting your holiday, but thank you so much for your help. Of course thank you fcd72 for looking into my problem too.