Frames - user error or broken unit?

Hey there, I powered up my new Frames and tried using the simple two signal waveform mixing from the QuickStart. I patched signal A to ch1, signal B to ch2, mix to output example from the manual. My Frames passes signal, but adjusting the channel knobs doesn’t change the level of either signal. I tried power cycling the unit and I noted that the knobs seem to get stuck with the value they have on power up. Pressing Add button doesn’t light up the key frame LED and moving the Frames knob seems to do nothing. Have I somehow managed to get stuck in an Easter egg mode, or is there something wrong with my unit?

From where did you buy the module? Do you know if by chance it could have come loaded with Parasites? Recently I got a unit for repair with similar symptoms, it was stuck in one of Parasites’ modes (shift register I think).

Is the signal passing through distorted or not? (If it’s distorted, it could mean that the module doesn’t receive -12V), which would also explain why it is incorrectly stuck at the first/last keyframe.

Is the module in Sequencer mode? Check the “Sequencer mode” section of the online manual to see how you can enter/exit this mode.

Thanks so much for the speedy reply!
I purchased the unit from Nightlife Electronics in Vancouver, with no indication that Parasites was installed.
The signal that is being passed is louder with the knobs fully clockwise on power up (I’d guess about 6 dB louder) but not obviously distorted. Note that the LEDs under these four potentiometer knobs are constantly lit, no matter the knobs position, which on re-reading the manual seems not to be how they should work.
My understanding from the manual is that to enter and exit Sequencer mode, the Frame knob must be positioned so that it is on a key frame. The key frame LED on my unit doesn’t light up no matter where the Frame knob is, nor if I press the Add button.
Thanks again so much for your help, and let me know if there’s other stuff I can try on my end :slight_smile:

Can you post a video? From what you describe the modules seems to be completely unresponsive, except for the signal passing through and the 4 LEDs under the knobs being lit… Is that correct?

That’s it precisely, the only additional wrinkle being that the 4 pots “remember” their positions at power up. So if a knob is fully counterclockwise at boot, it won’t pass signal; if it is in a position other than fully counterclockwise (again at power up) it will pass signal amounts relative to its ‘on power’ position. I’ll post a video in a couple of hours. Thanks again for your help.

Here’s a video that shows the issue - LMK if you need more info and thanks again.

Hey pichenettes, any thoughts? Is there anything else I can do or test on my end? Thanks!

I have no idea what’s happening here… Contact me through the Mutable Instruments website and I’ll give you the address to which you can return the module.

Hello there, I think you might not be responding any longer- I am uncertain, but hopeful. I am having what appears to be the same issue Adam encountered. Purchased a Frames from Long & McQuade (just arrived today) and it does not respond to Delete, not even on power up, attenuators are constantly on, Large knob doesnt change colour … Mixer doesnt mix… I am wondering if either @AdamAxbey or you might be able to help me with this? Did you reinstall firmware? My hope is to work with this module and not have to return it :worried: Thank you in advance for your time with this! I greatly appreciate the help.

Why do you think so?

Can your module start in firmware update mode? If not, there is probably something wrong with the MCU, please send an email to and I’ll instruct you how to send me back the module for repair.