Frames sequencer

I have a frames and braids combo in my rack at the moment and was wondering if it’s possible to sequence a melody with frames? I’ve not been able to so far.


> if it’s possible to sequence a melody with frames?

Frames has a “sequencer” mode in which there is no longer any interpolation between frames, and in which a trigger needs to be sent on the FRAME CV input to skip to the next frame.

Have you tried that?

It’s still difficult to use for melodies because you get the full 0V to +5V output per channel.

Yes, I’m trying that now and it’s working for me now with what seems like a couple of notes.
I’ll keep at it… BTW, how do I turn frames into 4 LFO’s?


It’s explained in the online manual…

“Move the FRAME knob to its minimum position and repeatedly press the DEL button (10 times). The module will provide an entirely different way of controlling the gains/CV levels on the 4 channels, inspired by quadrature oscillators. The same “secret handshake” can be used to exit this special mode and reset the module to standard operation.”

Thanks and sorry, i should have looked more carefully.