Frames - Quadrature LFO mode's input question

I’ve been enjoying Frames very much in its LFO mode, but as far as I can tell the inputs are unused.
I was wondering if a software update would be able provide CV modulation for the 4 LFO parameters (knobs). It’d be sweet!

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

No, the inputs on Frames are routed through VCAs to the outputs, they can’t be used as CVs to control parameters. That’s the hardware architecture, and isn’t something that can be changed through firmware.

The open-source Ornament & Crime module includes an app (a switchable mode) which provides a voltage-controlled version of the Frames quadrature LFO, though - details here.

Thanks for getting back to me, I was afraid this was the case :frowning:
I love Frames a lot (one of the few module I got 2 of) but sometime I wish it had a couple of minor additional features. Not that it lacks of them!