Frames not interpolating between values once "keyframes" have been made

Hi there,
I have been able to program the Frames module by following the directions. I was looking forward to using it as 4 CV sources. It only seems to send Hi/Lo or gate on/off values and does not interpolate as advertised. Sure I can program each channel with multiple steps for each channel but then that seems to defeat the whole purpose of using a “keyframer” and letting the machine do the interpolation. It’s a lot of work for 4 cvs. I’m new to Mutable Instruments so it is possible that I am making a mistake in programming/presetting. Any help is much appreciated. It has kinda turned me off to using Mutable Instruments if so much programming has to go into them for seemingly simple functions.

Is it safe to assume that you’ve set the interpolation curves accordingly for each channel per the manual?

Sounds like you may have some/all channels set to “step”…

Interpolation options:

step (no interpolation)
smooth departure/arrival (raised cosine)

I will go back through the manual which I am assuming is this (

I did notice that ch 1 was more like a gate and ch 2 did actually “ramp” a bit. I figured it was in quadrature mode at that point which is not exactly what i’m after at the moment. I tried to return to keyframer mode but I could not be sure that I was successfully setting it since there is no clear indication which mode is active and if the keyframer mode is dysfunctional or acting like another mode how would I know?

I will go back through setting the module when I get home this evening. Thank you for your help.

I am able to add a keyframe but when i scroll the frame knob or run a ramp through the frame input ch 1 typically acts like a gate. Ch 4 seems to be acting the same as ch 1. Anyway, I will go through it again…

It’s a little frustrating given that there is no clear indication which mode is active. Potentially one mode may not function as expected while others might and since it’s a multi-mode device, as well as a hackable project, a clear indication of which mode is active would be a very useful tool in trouble shooting testing Frames.

Which firmware are you using? The standard MI Frames firmware or Parasites?

Assuming you’re using the standard MI Frames firmware, knowing which mode you’re in is pretty simple.

Quadrature mode will show constant LED activity for each channel and will increase in rate as you move the large frame knob CW. This happens without anything patched into the frame CV input. This one is pretty obvious when you’re in it and is not a mode that you’ll likely fall into accidentally. Getting out works the same way as going in.

In keyframe mode (the default), you will only see activity if you have set up some frames and either move the keyframe knob manually or by applying CV to the frame CV input with the attenuverter set in either direction.

If you’re in sequencer mode, then the LED’s will show activity just as the keyframe mode does, but would now instead require a pulse at the frame CV input with the attenuverter fully CW in order to move the keyframes along.

I think once you get your mode situation sorted out, you’ll be good to go. Your issue definitely sounds related to the interpolation curve for each channel, though.

After reading through the manual in the advanced options this may actually be my problem. I look forward to trying it resetting it. I hope this works Thank you, REVIVER! I will post my success or failure.