FRAMES MIX output does not follow pitch?


I want to use FRAMES (seq mode) as a sequential switch . For example 4CV in to one output (the MIX one).
I don’t understand why MIX output does not produce the exact CV in ALL input or in IN1
I explain: when i take the OUT1 (IN1 fed and at full volume), it follows the exact CV (pitched CV). But when i take the MIX out, the signal is weaker (other pots at 0) and does not follow pitched CV.

Is it normal? Is it possible to have the exact sum of the 4 IN at the MIX out?

Thanks for the reply

The manual says this:

1 global mix output, collecting signals from all unpatched outputs, with a -6dB gain.

That sounds like the source of your problem? Seems to be the way it’s designed though.

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was just about to say that.
just run the voltage through your quantizer after frames.

That’s it, the -6db…
So i will take individual out and go to another mixer to get the fine thing…

For the quantizer no because the INs already come frome different seq and quantizer.


But what keeps you from just patching the quantizer after frames? Or is it integrated with your sequencer?

The note CV coming out won’t be the same as that going in, though, quantiser or not.

True but it will be in tune and maybe make some nice variations :smiley:

That’s right but my idea was to put different sequences tuned with differents smooth random and mix it in seq switch method so i don’t want it to be quantized because it will step everything which won’t be smoothed so i don’t want to use quantizer after frames.

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That makes sense. Maybe mix the cvs externally using a precision adder. So you can still have the frames functionality but an unattenuated mix

Would it work to use the precision adder after the Mix Out, to bring it back in tune?

No, it’s not a simple matter of applying a 2x gain, because the gains of each channel (and individual outputs) are not perfectly 1.000 (You won’t get that from an analog VCA!). You would need at least one or two trimmers per channel to make all this work!

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Anyways, this module is so versatile and so mutable! I think it really represents the mutable instruments spirit.

But it works well with individual outputs to a precision adder, not the mix output.

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