Frames has strange behavior- resolved, thanks!

Hi y’all, I’m new here. I just bought a Frames and it seems to be exhibiting strange behavior. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this: When I set up a simple 3 keyframe “animation” as directed from the manual I end up with a 4th keyframe in the full CCW position in which all channels are turned to max. The animation runs smoothly from say 9 o’clock through to full CW but when I turn CCW past 9 oclock I get a sharp jump in levels. I tried re-setting the device, deleting all the keyframes several times and adjusting all the tweening/attenuation modes. It feels like this behavior really breaks the device, but I guess I have to ask first if it’s somehow the normal behavior?

Any hints, advice, or strategies for troubleshooting would be much appreciated!

No, this is not normal. I’m curious about this… contact me if you don’t mind sending it to me for me to have a look.

Did you install parasites? I used to get a similar behavior back when i had that installed…

Thanks so much Olivier for offering to look into it. That level of customer service and follow up is . . . remarkable.

And thankyou DonKartofflo, last night I reinstalled the firmware to make sure that parasites wasn’t installed and . . . voila, it works as expected now. Really wonderfully, I should add. Much appreciated.

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