Frames - getting left channel only

Hi everyone,

I got a second hand Frames module yesterday and i’ve not managed to make it work properly.
More precisely, my problem is that I only get sound on the left side when plugging my headphones in the mix output.

I may be doing everything wrong;-) but the module may also be broken : when I shake the headphones jack in the mix output I may get sound. I observe the same behaviour for every output.

Any idea ?

The “Mix” output is not a stereo output for headphones. None of the outputs are.

OK. Thanks for your answer.
Given that, what would you advice me to allow to use my headphones in my modular setup ?
Some cables adapters ? Some dedicated modules ?


You need an output module. There are lots of options available.
Something like this would do the job.

Thanks. I’m going to check this.

Or you can get a mixer with built in headphones out. Frames isn’t really designed to be an end-of-chain mixer, and though it can be used as one it might be a bit of a waste to use it that way in many scenarios.

May I suggest you a Veils with a 3.5 stereo splitter cable to connect to your headphones? Having four channels you can also mix two different stereo lines and the boost can surely drive any kind of headphones.

Sorry, but that sounds a bit like a dirty hack to me.

The output from Veils is a modular-level/impedance mono signal, not one designed to drive stereo headphones. Also it does not have any master level control, which might be essential for the headphones.

Don’t do that.

I think I am going to get an output module. As every does…
I’ve entered the world of modular through the 0-coast (semi-modular) that already contain a dedicated output section. I do not know why I thought I would not need such a module in my eurorack…

My bad… Still learning

Not everyone use a dedicated output module. It’s the kind of module I really thought was a no brainer to buy when I first planned my eurorack system, but I never needed one.

I really avoid as much as possible to work with headphones. But if I really need one, I can use my audio interface, or my external mixer.

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It’s certainly true that whatever an “output” module does (level adjustment, some basic mixing, headphone output) can be done with an entry-level mixer, and for less than 100€ you can even get on-board effects or USB.

The only reason to get an output module is indeed if you want your modular to be fully self-contained. I found myself getting more and more away from that idea over time, since you’re always going to have a desktop mixer in the signal path anyway, and having a mixer and output module in the rack seems a bit of a wasted HP space to me. But of course everybody’s way of approaching this is different.
There is a certain beauty in having a modular that is a self-contained instruments, sometimes I dream about having a small 6U 48HP system that has a built in resonating chamber like speaker like the ONDE (… but I’m digressing. Back to the topic.
Consider a Macky VLZ mixer to pair with your modular.