Frames discontinued

I saw yesterday on the mutable website that Frames is now discontinued. Maybe old news.
It has been one of those modules that I was wondering about. Wondering if it may be one that would make my workflow blooms or not.
So, because it is a very special product, I thought we could provide alternatives now that it is not produced anymore.
I suppose that Joranalogue Morph4 is the closest to Frames for someone who would like something alike ?

That exactly the thing that i though

Maybe so, but Morph4 only has one step per channel compared to up to 16 (IIRC) on Frames though. Plus you can set the slope for each step. Morph4 is cool (probably), but it’s missing the most interesting aspect of Frames: keyframes on a timeline.

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Qu-Bit Synapse has some overlap in functionality with Frames.