FPE/Schaeffer Case for Shurthi

Since people have asked, here is my Front Panel Express (USA) / Schaeffer (Eu) Case Design

It is NOT cheap in single quantities (~$200) and I dont support it in any way. I have fitted it with both the kit JHD162 display and the Newhaven OLED display, both work fine but the OLED sits higher and should use standoffs. I use a number of custom machined parts (standoffs primarily) that I am NOT willing to supply at this time, it is on you to deal with the spacing. Please do not go Ikea on me (i.e. I bought this stuff but I cant figure out how to put it together) . I will happily answer questions and there are more inside pics in my “full metal shurthi” thread. If you are comfortable with all that, I have coupons for FPE in the US that will get new customers 20% off new orders. This gives me a discount as well for the referral so dont think I am just being nice but its a win/win/win situation for everyone and $40 off is not bad.

The files: FPD FIles


If I could justify the expense, I’d have on of these cases for each of my three Shruthi-1s.


yeah, really nice work. 200 though! too rich for my blood…

thanks for posting the files

can you explain to me how you attach the stand offs to the back of the front panel, cos i’m a bit confused the fpd files have screw holes on the front panel, but in your photos I see no screw heads on the top of the front panel

ok figured out how to read specs on fpd, so the holes are on the back side only (2mm deep) & threaded so you can screw male end stand off in yes?

Cool makes it look very smooth! Did you have to machine the stand-offs to 0.45" to make it fit properly and are there any other custom parts you had to make? (i’m guessing oled standoffs)

I’m thinking to maybe get 2 or 3 made (expense), and seeing if I can get more people on board to get a price break,
is this something you are planning to do yourself and would rather i didn’t?

Yep, threaded blind holes. You can take a stand off that is close length wise and make up the difference with washers or nuts.

I always use long threaded set screws that thread into the panel then female threaded standoffs on top. A stand off with a male thread will have a run out on the thread so you cant use them for very shallow holes, with a set screw and female threaded stand off, you can go all the way to the stand off with threads and I can use those on a hole that only has a couple of threads in it.

I have no plans on running a case only order (did that with my x0xes, wont do it again) so have at it. Price break is 5 of a part so if you could get that many people together plus a coupon you could get those for a decent price…

nice one, thanks

Looks amazing, nice job.

Im going for the programmer tho so wont be investing. Maybe if i build another…