Forum upgrade in progress!

Things will be flakey and weird today on the forum, bare with it!

Bug report - clicking on various sub-categories gives a ‘no discussions were found’ message.

This happens when you click on ‘Shruthi-1’ or ‘DIY’ (i.e.those categories with more than one subcategory) - only their own subcategories work correctly.



Whoa, just checked in on my phone… looks really slick but it startled me for a second because it looked so much like Facebook!

I miss the comforting Mutable Instruments logo - hopefully it will be smiling down on us again very soon;-)


Login ok


Most of the non-image attachments are back…

thank you for the favicon!

In my case, I have so many tabs open that the favicons are not even shown. I could split them in two windows, but… I’m not that organized.

Unfortunately, my risky navigational style makes Chrome to explode every now and then. Then I thank God for having enabled “Session Buddy” extension, and I lose twenty seconds of my life reloading all of them… Not always Chome’s own ‘Restore’ function works properly.

Tru dat. How else could I easily find something in my sea of tabs? Guess there are extensions, and thumbnails but, nahh :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I’ll put the old one, since I don’t have any new one to put yet :slight_smile:

Thanks. It’s hard to find correct tab without favicon.

Olivier, could you please set favicon?

Comment draft saving!

i’m also missing the topic starter. can we have it back pretty please?
thanks for sharing, she’s really cute.

Just to prove that I’m cheating: The forum does really well on my iPad. The Galaxy Nexus at work also likes it well enough.

I like how well this software scales for the iOS devices. It’s much better than using a half-baked app to provide access to the forums. This is actually a pleasure to use on an iPhone.

No luck. I still have one phantom PM.

it did that to me as well, check your inbox and it will go away, at least it did that for me.