Forum oddities/requests

Hi all,

I noticed that the pop-up containing Textile help from is broken. No, I even disabled popup-,ad-blocking and Ghostery on and the metanation domain. No luck.

It would be helpful with a link back to the forum when logged out.
Also, it would be nice with a link to the mutable merch somewhere other than hidden in the forum :wink:

Now back to Google Earth, NES stylee and press Quest for some old-school lurvin’

Safari=Apple’s improved version of IE :slight_smile: I use Chrome or Firefox now if I want to be sure things work.

I may reconsider switching to another browser for this forum. Several of my comments today have disappeared into the electronic ether.


i miss the thread starter info, which i admit is a minor issue.

I miss a list/link to the pages in a thread on the top.
When a thread has several pages, you have to scroll down to jump to another page. Most forums mirror those page links on the top and below a thread.
Not a show stopper but sometimes a bit annoying.

The old search function was much better. I would like to be able to search just in topic titles.

I miss the small textile tutorial popup. Don’t know where it went.

I’m really missing a “Quote” function on this forum. :slight_smile:

No real problems on Safari here. I just find the inconstancies between the mobile version of the forum, and the full fat desktop version kinda odd and confusing.
Oh, and also when people attach pictures to their posts, I get the preview, but can’t click on it to expand it to full view? Thats rather irritating. But I have no idea if that is a Safari specific issue or not. And im not about to move to another browser just to fix that either :wink:

@toneburst I see this occasionally on my own forum , which is also Vanilla-based, and I also use Safari on Mac…

Why run Safari on your Mac? It’s too quirky! Chrome and FF (some extensions are a must) FTW. I only think I used Safari once or twice, never got into it. I’d love for Apple to prove me wrong, but the competition is just too damn good.

I’ve worked out when fault 2 happens, I think. It’s when you’re writing a comment, and someone else submits a comment before you’ve submitted yours.


@toneburst I believe the problems are unique to Safari :confused:
(Maybe try firefox/google chrome for mac?)

it worked fine that time…


I’ve been having some issues with the forum in my browser-of-choice, Safari on Mac. I’ve just lost a quite long reply, in fact, which is quite frustrating.
I haven’t fully got my head around what’s happening, but I’ve noticed two major glitches:

1. When I post a reply, it doesn’t always actually get posted on the first attempt. Sometimes, if I click the Post Comment button twice my comment appears. If I forget to do this, only click it once, and move on to another page, when I return, the comment has not been added (that’s what just happened, in fact).

2. In some circumstances, There are multiple instances of this comment-editor box in the same thread, which is counter-intuitive. This may be a feature, rather than a fault, I suppose, as this seems to happen if I’ve started to write a comment, but not actually submitted it (as is often the case), left the thread, then returned later.

Anyone else noticed these? Maybe it’s just me…


Looking in the forum with my smartphone I’ve noticed the page numbers of each thread are missing, which makes it a little slow to go to first page/last page.
Scroll down, click “More comments”, scroll down, click “More comments” etc.
It’s no biggie though, I can always use the “Full site” link. :slight_smile:

I’ve fixed the link to the help. I plan a site/forum overhaul within a few weeks.

I’d rather see the top-secret cruise missile nipple/udder arduino cylindricalsynth.

Is there still a documentation of all the formatting options somewhere? I can’t find it anymore…

Is there still a documentation of all the formatting options somewhere? I can’t find it anymore…

+1 need it