Forum issues

1) I inadvertently used the “Dismiss” function (under “Options” menu that appears when you hover mouse just to the left the star icon for bookmarking the thread) for a thread on the All Discussions page, and it has now disappeared, with no apparent way to have it displayed on the All Discussions page again. Is there a way to undo this?

2) I have 41 bookmarked threads, but when I click the My Bookmarks button to display them, I am only shown 30 of them, with no way to get to the other 11?


OK, answering my own question for #1 above. Seems the Vanilla forum has a problem when a user “dismisses” an “Announced” discussion (in my case it was the “Census of successfully assembled kits” thread) - they will no longer see that thread ever again. So far it seems that the only solution is for the forum Admin to “Un-Announce” and then “Re-Announce” the thread. Any chance of you doing that please Olivier? Sorry to be a pest.

Also now following up to #2 above - you can manually get to subsequent page(s) of your bookmarks by appending a “/p2”, “/p3”, etc… to the first page URL. e.g.: