Forget all ur SID project

And go for this one!

thats great.
its a good thing i am not able to play bass. otherwise i would want one…

Like. And I do play bass, but no spare '64 laying around. Phew.



Jeri is so smart. She did the C64 DTV. Self taught as well.

There was a bass in that video? Never noticed :slight_smile:
Jeri is something else…yep…smart smart smart.

She is the perfect woman for me, she just doesn’t know it yet lol.

That was cool! I wish I had a sid laying around somewhere waiting to be cannibalized. My brother is lucky he lives somewhere else…

That is the best thing I’ve seen all day…

Oh the things I could do if I knew more about electronics. I studied at college but not to a very advanced level.

Or this one ?
I know: less cute than the previous video :slight_smile:

Woo-hoo - the crowd love that one! :slight_smile: