Forecast for Ambika motherboard PCB availability?

Just planning DIY projects for 2014, and I notice that the Ambika motherboard PCBs have been listed as out-of-stock for at least a few weeks now (that’s when I first checked - it might be longer). I am absolutely not hassling the good Dr Olivier about this - this is just an enquiry about when a fresh batch is planned. Personally I have lots of alternative projects to go on with, but I do have my heart set on building an Ambika, sooner or later…

They were expected yesterday, now they will arrive around the 26th.

OK, thanks, looks like it will be a summer of soldering these January holidays.

yippie !!

I´ll have some white Ambika MoBo/mainboard PCB´s @ January, 21st 2014

They´ll fit nicely with the TubeOhm-Ladder voice/filter boards.

Also good for anyone who isn´t up for any enclosure soon, as any dust on white is like its not there at all.

Any hint of when the next batch of motherboards will be available? Just planning next projects. Thanks.

10 days.


The 6x SMR-4 voice card Ambika kit was a limited time offer, correct?

(Void where prohibited, not valid in Alaska or Hawaii, must be 18 or older to participate)

Will come back at the end of the year.

OMG… i dream of resistors - and other parts :wink:

Might be tempted into a second one. If only for these new 3rd party filter cards that I’m reading about :slight_smile:

fcd72 Bonus points if you can talkpichenettes into a limited edition “2 of each voicecard type” version of the full Ambika kit for this year’s DIYcember. :wink:

i wont do this.
Only thing i can think of is talking him into splitting between MoBo and Voicecards Kits - match and mix your own. Bundling Voicecards like Fruchtzwerge™ is ridiculous :wink:

Would love to be able to choose an Ambika kit with any voice card type kit I want!

It would be great!

How about an Oled and Rogan knob upgrade too?

The problem with selling voicecards kits independently of the motherboard:

  • It’s unlikely I’ll be able to predict the right quantities, so I’ll end up with unsold kits for such or such voicecards.
  • I want to charge people for a product, not for bags of parts. Splitting things doesn’t help. Next thing customers will ask me to split bags of parts so that they can buy only the parts they don’t have in stock…

Yes, lets diversify anything to the limit…. oh, we already did it, its called SourceYourself™ :wink:

Honestly, given the time, work and money it takes to make these Kits, handle and ship them - as much as i can understand your desire to personalize it, its simply not feasible to have these sorts of “Upgrades” you then would have to either keep another packed Kit or unpack/repack standard items. At last I’m delighted to see MI is a solid incorporated Company and as such has to make money. Offering a zillion options is one road to misery here….

On the other hand everyone here is free to offer Voicecards Parts Kits he compiled and sorted him selves and I’m quite sure Oliver will happily supply the PCBs for you and might give even a decent discount. Don’t ask me - I’m shifting around a zillion Parts already :wink:

i’ve found a nice online store that sells Ambika parts kits with an incredible amount of customization options.

^- Nice find!

@pichenettes I completely understand why splitting up wouldn’t work in terms of stock and availability, that’s exactly why I didn’t suggest it.

@fcd72 I’m honestly not so sure of the ridiculosity; it would be for people who already have a full Ambika in use as a poly, and who want another one to use as a “box of monos”. I do agree the number of people interested in this would be rather low indeed though.