For those experienced with both: Prophet 12 and Ambika overlap

I found a Prophet 8 quite cheap nearby. So I went into the local SynthDen and played it… and much much preferred the P12. I wonder why?
I’m after something a bit more inspiring, and immediate than my current hardware. I love my Ambika, but I’d need to build a second for more voices and build a dedicated MIDI controller. I need knobs!

Obviously they are similar, and im aware they both sound great. More after peoples feelings who have/know both. Is your Ambika sitting ignored once you’ve picked up the Prophet? Do you find yourself reverting back to the Ambikas SMR filter for some things? I wanted an Analog Poly to compliment my Ambika, but have accidentally fallen in love with a similar hybrid synth. Just trying to justify owning two similar polys

Why do you need to justify this? You also have - most likely - 2 legs to walk.

I do think you need to get another Ambika to polychain when you get a P12 just to make sure you have an equal number of voices on both. It’s only fair.

And the most fun part is, theres a JustificationBarrier™ - mine was about 12 Poly Synths - thereafter you just get another one without any justification needed. Go work on it!

Put 6 TubeOhm ladder filter voicecards in the Ambika and there is no similarity anymore.
(not saying that the MI vc’s are similar to the prophet 12, just that the TO’s are more different)

@shiftr: More differenter?

It’s always hard to inject solid advice in these kind of threads. It becomes a bit subjective - Synth X sure sounds nice to my ears etc. Or just: Synth Y comes with an OLED and really nice controls.

Or, you stick with the old trope: Get both. People are usually gifted with tons of time and money.

The more useful advice would be: Try both as you did. Then settle upon a third choice :slight_smile:

differentst ? less equal?
You are right at first i didn’t plan on commenting here because i only know the prophet 12 from demo’s on the internet. But i do know the Ambika. And i’m quite sure the Prophet 12 will have a lot less aliasing :slight_smile:

Indeed the P12 is a very fine synth. Nevertheless i didn’t buy it, it has been beaten by the VS which is vastly more inspiring (hell why has the P12 no Vector Mixer?? Its all there with the 4 OSCs) and easier to get interesting results, even it has only one Slider instead of all these knobs.
So you see its not a matter of the amount of physical UI Elements or whatever, after all what counts is that the Synth makes you want to make Music.
Bottom line for jimi23 - if the P12 makes you dream of music go and get it.

There’s lots of synths out there you can walk into a shop and buy. If you need a keyboard with knobs and like the sound then buy it. Simple as that :slight_smile:

Given the right financial conditions, everyone has to have at least one DSI, one Moog one Oberheim and multiple MI in their toolbox!

I have both. Both a great. I like the Ambika’s filters, Multi-timbrality and performance functions.

I like the p12’s knob per function, massive unison patches and mod matrix better.

Intelligent minds could disagree on all points: get the one that’s right for you.

….we are very helpful to decide, obviously….

I have never been fond of the DSI Curtiss Filters, but that’s just me, I guess. Depending on your budget, you may wish to consider a John Bowen Solaris. Not analog, but excellent emulations as well as much more synthesis capability, extensive interface, widespread controllers including ribbon and Vector joystick, etc…

The Solaris is a never ending construction site…… the Firmware seems far from being finished and it has some severe UI quirks. Nothing i would send someone a Fund of 1500€ to wait an unpredictable amount of time to finally pay 3,6k€. This said the Solaris is a fine thing to play - if you can test-drive one. Sounds great.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of the DSI filter either. I have an Evolver, but Ambika saved me from buying a Mopho 4X…

Im a total SCI Filter fan - as long as its CEM 3379 :wink:

SCI = yes, DSI = not so much. Also the oscillators are not that great sounding. In general, DSI’s sound thin to me. NOTHING like Shruthi or Ambika IMO.

EDIT The Prophets are really cool though, no question. And the 12 actually (from the demos I’ve heard) sounds better than the 8.


Well, Solaris construction has now stabilized, and they are doing production runs of 50. The latest has sold out, and they opened up another run; I think people are waiting no more than 6 months. The firmware is pretty robust, it is now a matter of certain upgrades, which admittedly have been delayed. John Bowen is very active on his forum and is in constant contact with owners and soon-to-be owners. I am curious as to what are the severe UI quirks you mentioned. I have a Ambika 4P x6, and it works very well with Solaris. I am actually able to get very close to the Ambika sounds on the Solaris, almost to the point I am considering different filters for the Ambika.

Anyway, the proof is in the playing- if you get a chance to play a Solaris you may be very impressed.

imho DSI filter is awful- or the oscs are awful and the filter seems worse than it actually is… that synth sound is very lifeless to me. its a pity because of the deep modulation the DSI synths offer. never been able to get it sitting right in a mix. i was really surprised to see this guy mimicking settings from the obxa so well

other issues; the envelopes felt slow… there was also a problem with jumpy encoders.

these videos surprise me really- maybe i was more of a novice as a programmer back then but i rarely got inspiring tones from that synth