For the German-speaking people here: need help for website testing

This is a little desperate call for help for all you German-speaking people here on the forums. I need some volunteers to test the usability on a website. I don’t need thourough testing, if you can devote it 30 minutes to browse through it (or less), that would be totally sufficent.
This is not an official project, I need to optimize the website but I lack userfeedback and since I don’t want to base my work on the anecdotic evidence provided by the client I need more data.
The website is and is about bicycle mobility.

If you’re willing to do this I think I can organize a little thank-you-gadget (but don’t set your expectations too high).

The things I’m interested in knowing about the website are:

  • try the navigation (the menu) and tell me if you understand how it works. Try to find the “Wettbewerbsbedingungen” for the “BW sucht deine RadIdee” contest.
  • How is the overall impact of the website, is it turning you off or do you like it? Does it make you want to explore it?
  • What is missing in your opinion?

you can send me your feedback to hanzobyte klammeraffe, please add also a physical address, so if I know where to send the thank-you gadget
(of course you can write in German, I’m keeping this English here so people don’t think we are secretly plotting things on the forums)

thank you!

email sent

thanks a lot!

There are German Speaking People on here? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I just highlight this video ? :smiley:

right now the site seems to be offline. I will check again later and then send you an email.

in former times i communicated via MIDI only, now its shifting more and more to CVs :wink:

That’s okay, I’ll probably switch to speaking OSC before too long.

shimoda*: no actually we all pretend to be talking German because that gives us that retro-electronica style! *V’cent: glad you like the video :slight_smile: and thanks for sending me your feedback!
@derkollo: really? Was working fine yesterday…

May be it was my internet… but right now everything seems to work… i will have a look. :slight_smile:

as I see it, everything seems to run fine

Thanks to everybody who has given feedback. I think I now have enough info to work on the redesign! thanks a lot!