For people losing their minds and looking at too much outboard processing gear like me

Everyone see this?

Warm Audio WA76 Limiting Amplifier

That’s an 1176 for under $600, with no expense spared on the parts and quality of materials.

Everytime i hear “Full Discrete Audio Path” i shiver. As if you could select parts better than the Fab can etch them in a Die…… Thats like buying a bunch of Relays if you want an iPad.

People want it to be a clone, I guess.

More exciting are Overstayer products. Affordable stuff, too.

The Instrument Driver and their VCA Comp are two future considerations for me. (the Instrument driver in particular- and is on sale for the rest of the day for 15% off…).

If you would buy a proper console you wouldn’t need any of these fancy outboard gear :wink:

I think it could be a very interesting way to drive a modular recording- fatten up some bloopiness

A Neve console? What is this small, unknown company that no one on gearslutz has ever mentioned a single time?

This is what instantly ends our GearOcalypse. If i had the space and money, this would be the last piece of mixing thingies i ever buy. And the shelter i hide underneath when the 3rd world war starts.

For your compression problem buy one of these
Then compare with your desired boutique thing.
Then sell the boutique stuff to fund more RNCs.
I have seen this several times…

RNC 1173! Because 3 is 1/2 of 6. I GET IT!

So buy 3 of those to achieve “Really Nice” mode for $600, or buy an Overstayer VCA Comp for $900.

One great thing about these- they are carried at Sam Ash Music Stores locally so I can do the old store credit tryout and then return to fund special boutique item order.

the IGS stuff is real nice and cheap as well in 500 series. I have the s-type stereo buss comp and it rocks for only 700. I hear their 1176 clones are great as well. Ive also used the original RNC compressor before and it was definitely nice for the price.

That warm audio piece does look nice though for sure. All though I’d rather have in 500 format.

Yeah I’m thinking about that too. 500 series seem to be the way things are trending anyway.

I have a purple sweet ten and I love it. I run all my synths through 2 500 great river mic pres DI and some other nice pieces that I also use for mastering.

Lindell just came out with their 10 space 500 rack just AFTER I got the purple sweet ten. Its very affordable and I had the 6 slot one they make and it was great. If I waited I would have gotten that instead of the purple because its a good deal cheaper. I really like 500 stuff!

It’s a great way to get a great preamp or two without being tied down to the channel strip format…or spending $2,500

yep got both the GR’s second hand for about 600 each. And they are amazing. For vocals also.

@ryan - I sold my ID4 - theres not much there bar a DI, 35 db and a pretty ordinary saturation section. I have the stereo VCA on my 2 buss and couldnt recommend it enough. Its a really really nice comp - Behavior and grab are awesome but the low and high shelving eq’s are the money - most of the time they negate the need for additional eq’ing. The Warm Audio Im going to get - great as a front end for synths (Ive asked bryce if he’s using the 1108 micpre as the gainsstage like rev a-d)


As someone who has never used an outboard master bus, I don’t really have a point of reference for “value”, but I really feel like that VCA is a lot of bang for (RELATIVELY) your buck.

I think, since I got a Cirklon this week, multitracking 2 stereo and and 4 mono channels simultaneously made me realize just how much extra work I could avoid (and could have avoided) with out board High/Low cut EQs where necessary, Plugin Parametric freq. bumping notching (decent outboard EQs are thousands…any recommendations for vintage/inexpensive ones to watch for on the second hand market?), Outboard Comp on a drum bus and wherever else in the next stage to bring out character or squash, then some stereo widening/reverb/delay fattening/spacializing/plugin/DAW FX , and then a final outboard master comp and then one last EQ pass back in the DAW.

I feel like that’s a tried and true workflow that gives someone like me (who’s insists learning by trial and error in a near manic-obsessive fashion) a structured framework to make mistakes and learn in. Leaving pointless “hardware v. software” arguments aside, I find that actually putting your hands on the gear that the software is trying to emulate can go a long way towards giving the ITB stuff the proper context.

@ ryan theres a project ive been meaning to do for years. The project is called “harrison ford filters” - theyre the same ones used in the great river 32 - hi and low shelving filters that are supposedly really, really nice. The kit is for 8 channels $150 for the pcb’s and chassis. Let me know if anyones interested and Ill put up a link.

I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t benefit from 8-channels of pre-amp/converter high and low cut filters!

What’s the BOM look like, $$$-wise?

I use a Neve Portico 511 pre and a Lindell 7x-500 and PEX-500 like this except the Neve is at the left most slot. The little Cube is excellent, BTW…

Dogma - I’m interested in the Harrison filters. In fact I only found this site because I was scouring the web looking for info on building them.